Always maintain privacy everywhere. So what if it’s your PC – Says One Click Privacy

October 15, 2005

Removed your PC Fingerprints?

It depends on you how well you maintain your privacy in your day to day life. You do a lot of daily activities on a routine basis and you always care about the privacy of all those. Like you always keep your passwords in your mind and never write those on any paper or document to avoid any misuse. You always keep your credit cards and important documents at some safe place so that they will remain safe and will never be stolen or misused. You never share your personal or official documents with your children because nobody wants that their children will interfere in any kind of official or personal matters. Think Again. Microsoft Windows scatters your Internet activity, IM chat; search engine queries, pictures, music and videos all over your pc and the standard cleanup tools only remove some of the data. Take control of your privacy today

So cover your tracks! Whatever happens on your PC stays on your PC? Your computer records practically everything – every website visited, all your internet activities, and search engine inquires, pictures, music, and video viewed, accessed and downloaded. Every IM session, including the full text, is also automatically stored in your computer’s memory.

Your computer is a treasure trove of secrets just waiting to be exposed. Cover your tracks and secure your sensitive information with affordable and powerful One Click Privacy software. Put One Click Privacy to the test NOW

One click privacy 

1 Permanently erases all internet activity and history

2 Deletes records of websites visited, cookies, passwords, ID’s, banking and credit card information

3 Secure trash feature guarantees sensitive information is permanently deleted

4 One Click Privacy cleans all records generated by all major P2P apps including Bit Torrent Client, Kazaa, Lime Wire, Morpheus and more

5 Erases Instant Messaging and Voice Over Internet Protocol files

6 Erases media player records such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer and more

7 Removes records of search queries from desktop search applications

8 Deletes history of recently opened software and email applications

9 Erases browser activity logs from Internet Explorer, Fire fox, Netscape, etc

10 Free email tech support for life

11 Automated and easy to use

12 Unlimited free upgrades and updates for life

13 Flexible platform works with Windows Vista, XP, Me, 98, 95, NT4 and 2000

There are lot many things you do to keep your secret information secret.

But, when you come to this modern era of computers and internet, the same privacy questions arises here also and the questions that arise in your mind are:

  1. Whether I removed my fingerprints from my PC?
  2. Whether I removed sensitive information to avoid any misread or misinterpret?
  3. Whether I erased the tracks I listened or watch today?
  4. Whether I erased my personal chats?

And there are lot many…………

One click privacy

Don’t risk your reputation and relationships by leaving sensitive information on your computer for others to misread and misinterpret. Permanently delete everything that can be used against you with just one click. It’s that simple.

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